Loving Together Joyfully Time and Talent Appeal

Loving Together Joyfully Time and Talent Appeal

The Stewardship Team has begun a new tradition. It’s one that will give you and everyone here at Saint Peter an opportunity to connect with more people (who you likely see on Sunday mornings but don’t know that well) and a chance to test drive one (or more) church ministries.

This is an appeal, not for money, but for time and talent. Let us introduce: the Loving Together Joyfully appeal.

Quote by Fred McFeely Rogers a/k/a Mr. Rogers, a longtime television personality of children’s programming.

Quote by Fred McFeely Rogers a/k/a Mr. Rogers, a longtime television personality of children’s programming.

The appeal will officially begin May 5th and will end on Test Drive Sunday, June 2nd. That Sunday, there will be one worship service and celebratory potluck on the labyrinth as we work together to grow a fruit bearing tree.

Every Sunday between now and June 2nd, you will hear stories from ministry team members during worship services, have the chance to participate in fun activities in-between services and pray over a list of possible ministry opportunities—large and small—that you can try over the summer.

You are invited to truly test drive a role or project here at the church that piques your curiosity and speaks to your God-given talents. Some of these activities will only involve an hour or two of your time, and some projects may have a few small group meetings to plan and initiate. We hope you will try several of these and see if there is a group you would like to continue to be a part of for a longer period of time down the road. You are also encouraged to try or start a new project all your own. Explore with us how God might be inspiring you to become more involved at Saint Peter.

Thank you for considering the Loving Together Joyfully appeal. It is one the Stewardship Team hopes will become an annual tradition at Saint Peter. Please pray for our common work together as we continue to reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Reach out to Cathy Dundon, Angie Kleberger or Vicky Simpson with questions

Event Schedule

Sunday, May 5th - Loving > Serving: Let’s talk about our experiences and attitudes about serving, both good and bad.

Sunday, May 12th - Better Together: We will get to know each other and how we are better when we work together.

Sunday, May 19th - Joy Joy Joy Joy: How do we find that Joy Joy Joy Joy down in our heart as we connect to each other and discover meaningful ways to put our gifts and passions to work for Christ?

Sunday, June 2nd - Test-Drive Sunday and Celebration (only one worship service today followed by potluck): Commit to trying one (or more) ministry projects during the summer as we celebrate with each other on the labyrinth.

Partial List of Ministry Opportunities

For a full list of ministry opportunities and to make your committment online, visit www.stplc.org/stewardship.

Host Family - Greet worshipers on a Sunday morning

DESIGN - Work with DESIGN team on a summer project

Lector - Read a lesson with worship team

Special Music - Single or solo group for Sunday morning music

Altar Guild - Bake communion bread

Nursery - Watch the little ones for an hour or two

Habitat Build - Participate in an upcoming build

Covenant Cupboard - Volunteer on a Friday afternoon

Stitchers - Visit the group - even if you don’t know how to knit!

Joshua Station - Serve the community meal on July 11th

Visit/Drive Seniors - Help set up a visitation and driving program at Saint Peter

Evangelism - Help reach out to visitors

Day Camp - Contribute to the planning and programming for Rainbow Trail’s Day Camp

Chick Lit - Attend an upcoming book club meeting

Men’s Group - Attend an upcoming men’s group outing

Property - Adopt a portion of the property to fix-up

Office Support Provide clerical office help

Kitchen Cleaning - Clean kitchen during the week

Rally Sunday - Help Youth & Family Ministries with the event

Selian 5k - Sponsor the race, run the race, invite friends!

May 10, 2019, StPLC Events Update

May 10, 2019, StPLC Events Update

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