Prayer Challenge - Week 3

Prayer Challenge - Week 3


Confession of Peter

January 21- January 27

This final week of our Prayer Challenge we will be reflecting on the powerful story of The Confession of Peter. Jesus asks Peter, “Who do you say that I am?” To which Peter responds, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Jesus’ true identity is revealed through Simon Peter’s confession. This week provides us with an opportunity to consider how we answer that question and what transformation of mind, heart and life is Christ asking of us?

Below are the five Spiritual Practices for this week and the two Bonus Challenges.  Please click on the appropriate link for the day.  Once you have completed your prayer time, there is a list of reflection questions for you to consider.  You are invited to then provide written comments in the Comment section below about your experience.  Please feel free to share with the group whatever seems relevant to you.  

Day 15, January 21: Lectio Divine

A meditative reading of scripture that opens the text to hear how God is speaking to us through God’s Holy Word. 

Day 16, January 22: Examen

 A Jesuit prayer of reflection on your day in order to see God in each moment.

Day 17, January 23: Spiritual Journaling

A means to reflect how God is speaking to us through spiritual writing.

Day 18, January 24: Visio Divina

An encountering of God through a sacred visual image.

Day 19, January 25: Christian Meditation

An opportunity to invite God into our inner silence and to sit with the Divine.

Day 20 and 21, January 26 and 27: Bonus Exercises

These two days are your opportunity to choose your own Spiritual Practice for the day.

Day 15, January 21st

Day 15, January 21st