Prayer Challenge - Week 2

Prayer Challenge - Week 2


Baptism of Our Lord

January 14 - January 20

The Church celebrates the Baptism of Our Lord each year on the Sunday after Epiphany. This story begins with John the Baptist’s humble announcement to the coming of the true Messiah as he understood his mission to prepare the way for Jesus. We also hear about the descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove upon Jesus at his baptism as a tangible sign of God’s presence. As Jesus begins his earthly mission, his Heavenly Father claims his son and proclaims that he loves him and is pleased by him. This is an inspiring story that helps us understand the privilege and responsibility of our own baptism.

Below are the five Spiritual Practices for this week and the two Bonus Challenges.  Please click on the appropriate link for the day.  Once you have completed your prayer time, there is a list of reflection questions for you to consider.  You are invited to then provide written comments in the Comment section below about your experience.  

Day 8, January 14, Lectio Divine

A meditative reading of scripture that opens the text to hear how God is speaking to us through God’s Holy Word. 

Day 9, January 15: Examen

 A Jesuit prayer of reflection on your day in order to see God in each moment.

Day 10, January 16: Spiritual Journaling

A means to reflect how God is speaking to us through spiritual writing. 

Day 11, January 17: Visio Divine

An encountering of God through a sacred visual image.

Day 12, January 18: Christian Meditation

An opportunity to invite God into our inner silence and to sit with the Divine.

Day 13 and 14, January 19 and 20: Bonus Exercises

These two days are your opportunity to choose your own Spiritual Practice for the day.

Day 20 and 21, January 26th and 27th

Day 20 and 21, January 26th and 27th

Day 8, January 14th

Day 8, January 14th