Prayer Challenge - Week 1

Prayer Challenge - Week 1


Epiphany of Our Lord

January 7 - January 13

As we begin the first week of our 21-Day Challenge, we will be focused on The Epiphany of Our Lord, which we celebrated on Sunday.  Epiphany is highlighted by the star in the East that the wise men follow when they were seeking to find the newborn baby Jesus. It is also the manifestation of God in earthly form.  The season of Epiphany seems an appropriate time for us to start our journey to seek to know God better and be witnesses to His life and His love through this intentional time of prayer.  

Below are the five Spiritual Practices for the week and the two Bonus Challenges.  You may either click on the appropriate link for the Daily Challenge or go back to the Main Page and click directly on the Daily Challenge there.  Once you have completed your prayer time, there is a list of reflection questions for you to consider.  You are invited to then provide written comments in the Comment section below about your experience.  

Day 1, January 7: Lectio Divina

A meditative reading of scripture that opens the text to hear how God is speaking to us through God’s Holy Word. 

Day 2, January 8: Examen

 A Jesuit prayer of reflection on your day in order to see God in each moment.

Day 3, January 9: Spiritual Journaling

A means to reflect how God is speaking to us through spiritual writing. 

Day 4, January 10: Visio Divina

An encountering of God through a sacred visual image.

Day 5, January 11: Christian Meditation

An opportunity to invite God into our inner silence and to sit with the Divine.

Day 6 and 7, January 12 and 13: Bonus Exercises

These two days are your opportunity to choose your own Spiritual Practice for the day.



Day 1, January 7th

Day 1, January 7th