Day 13 and 14, January 19th and 20th

Day 13 and 14, January 19th and 20th


Baptism of Our Lord

Each week of the 21-Day Prayer Challenge you have the opportunity to practice five different Spiritual Practices as a guided audio meditation from Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday you may want to make-up a practice if you missed one during the week, repeat your favorite exercise from the week, pick a practice from the list below or last week’s Bonus Challenges, or choose your own spiritual practice. Use this weekend to continue to create your habit of daily prayer by doing a spiritual practice or your choosing that opens your heart to the Divine.

Additional Spiritual Practices

  • Reflect on this month’s Faith Focus on Do Not Worry!

    • The Faith Focus can be found here.

  • Affirmations

    • All of creation and each of us have received original blessing. Yet we have been conditioned to focus on the negative in ourselves and others. Think of a negative phrase you have said aloud of thought to yourself the stems form a sense of shame rather than your inherent dignity.

    • Turn it upside down and say, in first person, present tense, an affirmation of our God-given value. For example:

      • I am unlovable … I am infinitely loved.

      • I don’t have enough …. I have everything I need.

      • I am stupid …. I have the mind of Christ.

      • I am worthless …. I am precious in God’s eyes.

    • Repeat the positive statement aloud, slowly, with intention and trust, several times. Then rest silently in the awareness that you are already and forever, without any effort or achievement on your part, a beloved and blessed child of God.

    Loving Kindness Prayer

    • Recognize the place of loving kindness inside yourself. It is there. Honor it, awaken it, and actively draw upon it.

    • Drawing upon the source of loving kindness within, bring to mind someone for whom you feel sincere goodwill and tenderness, someone you love very much. From your source, send loving kindness toward this person and bless them.

    • Awaken loving kindness for someone who is a casual friend or associate—someone not in your inner circle, but a bit further removed, someone you admire or appreciate. Send love to that individual.

    • Now send loving kindness to someone about whom you feel neutral or indifferent—for example, a gas station attendant or a cashier. Send your blessing to this person.

    • Think of someone who has hurt you, who has talked evil of you, whom you find it difficult to like or you don’t enjoy being around. Bless them; send this would-be enemy your love.

    • Bring all of the first five individuals into the stream of flowing love, including yourself. Hold them here for a few moments.

    • Finally, extend this love to embrace all beings in the universe. It is one piece of love, one love toward all, regardless of religion, race, culture, or likability.

  • Join the Rocky Mountain Synod - Marching in the MLK Day Marade on

    Monday, January 21, 2019, 9:00 a.m.

    • Members and friends of churches in the Rocky Mountain Synod are invited to join members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Littleton to march in the MLK Day Marade on Monday, January 21. People will gather at the Dr. Martin Lutheran King, Jr. Memorial at City Park at 9:00 a.m. After a program the march will begin at 10:45 a.m., going down Colfax and ending at Civic Center Park's Greek Theater. Look for the RMS Banner. For more information contact Judy Lounsberry at or 303-916-3764.

After Your Spiritual Practice

Please take a few moments now and reflect on how this experience has impacted you, below there is a list of reflection questions for you to consider.  You are invited to then provide written comments in the Comment section below the Reflection Questions about your experience.  Please feel free to share with the group whatever seems relevant to you.  

In order to make this a rich aspect of the Challenge, please be sure to log in and leave a comment, even if it is just a brief one.  You are also encouraged to provide positive, reinforcing feedback on each other’s comments. We look forward to learning from each other and lifting each other up as we work to enhance our spiritual lives with this intentional time of prayer and reflection.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you feel about the prayer experience today?  How did it open your heart to God?

  2. What is God calling you to do today or this week?

  3. Did you find anything particularly challenging about the experience?

Please leave your comment below

and feel free to reply to the comments of others.

Day 12, January 18th

Day 12, January 18th